Nawale Harchaoui
Pedagogist, psychomotor therapist, teacher, jury of qualification and motivation coach.
At Visual Thinkers, Belgium.

+32 485-268-411


« It is necessary to learn to dream about the impossible so that it becomes possible », Nawale



A childhood

Nawale Harchaoui was born on August 25th, 1981 in Brussels, Belgium. From an early age, she shows a certain curiosity about the world. She takes her late uncle, a doctor, as an example. She likes asking him questions and, of course, he has to have some patience to satisfy her curiosity. She admires him for his sweetness, his love, his knowledge, his language skills, his generosity, …

But Nawale, is also a child growing up within a family with varied origins and it is very early that she begins to notice the world and to develop her linguistic knowledge. During these journeys, she discovers people, cultures, landscapes, …

Teenager, Nawale becomes a film lover, passionate about La Belle Epoque. She loves climbing, but also art-therapy, relaxation, and modern jazz,… Art and creation answer to her love of life.

From childhood to adulthood

Psychomotor therapist and psychopedagogist, Nawale works in diverse establishments. Becoming an auntie, her nieces re-awaken her love of children.

She becomes very interested in the processes of learning, particularly concerning dyslexics, and other people with unrealized high potential. She develops her knowledge on ADHD as an associated disorder. She becomes passionate about autism. All these visual thinkers activate her desire to learn.

Teacher, psychomotor therapist, jury of qualification, teacher and motivation coach, she develops techniques appropriate to the individual, whilst valuing the person for what they are and/or what they want to become. Ultimately, we all dream about being happy and living a tranquil, peaceful life.

Nawale aims at the result of self-fulfillment and the performance of the young person without them suffering any fear or difficulty. She becomes involved with her students, and immensely proud of the achievements of her past students.

Working intensely with each of them, she puts in a lot of love, humour and techniques (Videos YouTube, mind-mapping, anticipation of the questions, management of time and of space, food advice, differentiated pedagogy, positive reinforcements, prompting, …).

When meeting, she takes into account the specific disorder, but also the family’s structure, to recreate a new dynamic resulting in success. Indeed, Nawale also coaches the parents to supply them educational solutions because they also need support and someone to listen to them.

Creative, she develops tools for the parents of the children. Her tools are varied and aim to be extremely visual: methodology for the pupils of high school or UNI, DYS- workshops (self-expression through movement, self-confidence, long-term memory, management of time and of working tools), booklets for the attention of families with a child affected by autism (” Practical guides for everyday life “, ” Feeding disorders and interventions “, ” For a better understanding of autistic behaviors “, ” Sleeping disorders and interventions “,…).

Nawale desires that her tools are not only effective, but also accessible to the parents so that they are not overwhelmed by the difficulties that they might face.

Curious of learning, Nawale is educated in nutrition, in PNL-HYPNOSIS, in the Montessori Method, … She likes reading about these four domains of preference (Autsim ,Dyslexia, High-potentiality, ADHD). She is interested in the Davis Method, in the Denver Method, ABA, PECS, TEACCH, …

Finally, Nawale would like to contribute to this world in a positive way because this is her passion and the way her life makes sense.