These words result from conferences of Dr Henri Joyeux, cancerologist who has developed a  real passion and a work research on food and its link with public health. This cancerologist being of French origin, I found it interesting to share the knowledge with you in English language.

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Yet, nowadays, in our societies hyperindustrialized, many children (as well as of adults) consume sugars under a hidden shape called lactose.

For Dr Henri Joyeux, many diseases can be avoided. Moreover, in a case of cancer on two, we find of food bad habits.

Lactose = glucides


Lactose is a diholoside, a complex  sugar compound of the association of two simple sugars, the glucose and the galactose, bound by a connection particular to osidic. Lactose, a sugar naturally present in milk and yoghurt, is a part of the big family of carbohydrates.

During the consumption of lactose, the body reacts by a hyperglycemia which engenders an automatic reaction of the pancreas causing a small glycemia. It prevents children or adults from concentrating and can create agitation.

The lunch is an important moment and give minerals and vitamins necessary to begin well the day. However, as we have just explained it higher, milk is not good for concentration.

Then what are the good elements of a healthy lunch?

Have a breakfast = fresh products produced locally and not transformed

1 ° Some whole bread for the contribution of fibers (no sandwich bread).

Intolerance in gluten is often caused by poor quality sowing. It is better to favor an organic bread and without gluten.

2 ° One or two organic fruits of season, produced nearby for the regulation of the transit and the intestinal flora. Note that fruits prevent ageing and Alzheimer.

If an apple is not organic, it is possible to soak it in some water during night so that it releases pesticides. After physical activities entailing of perspiration, the toxic products left will be eliminated. Physical exercise is essential to human beings, because thanks to perspiration we evacuate toxin accommodated in fats.

3° Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, as well as fruits for the contribution of plant-based calcium.

4° Eggs for the contribution to a good cholesterol.

5° Some honey.

Honey and propolis are excellent for health, and very used in the anti-cancer centers in Japan.

6° A herb tea.

7° Fresh orange juice (juice pressed) (not industrialist).

8° Olive oil rich in vitamin E. Let us note that polyphenols contained in olive oil prevents ageing and is excellent for fertility.

 Animal or plant calcium

Animal calcium (contained in the cow’s milk) is absorbed at the most by our digestive tract in 40 %, while plant-based calcium (contained in legumes, almonds, walnuts, …) are absorbed in 60 % if we do well an effort of chewing. A good chewing includes 20 in 37 movements of jaws.

It is important to chew well elements made by plant-based calcium at the risk of producing phitates which are phosphorous compounds which are bound in certain metals, as for example iron, and prevent their absorption by the bowel. Phytates and polyphenolic  compounds being in food of vegetable origin are known to join to iron not hemic and make it insoluble. Phytates is a substance known to reduce the intestinal absorption capacity of minerals (calcium, zinc).

In the case of a leaked gut (intestinal porosity), the consummate calcium will be in excess into the body and will arrive in breast, prostate (causing a micro-calcification, that is an accumulation of calcium in an organic tissue), at the articulations (engendering a coxarthrose, that is degenerative osteoarthritis of hip or a gonarthrose,  a degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee).


The milk is made for calves.

The secretions of the  cows’udders are healthy for calves. For children, the breast-feeding is healthy.

Let us note that dairy products contain three families of growth factors:

– the EGF: Epidermal growth factor ,

– the TGF: Transforming growth factor (skeleton, articulations, muscles),

– the IGF: Insulin growth factor.

They are all three dangerous for the human being but intended for calf who after one year after his birth, will weigh with this diet 350 kg when a child will be 5 kg…

The mode of preservation UHT, ultra high temperature (consisting in carrying milk in 140 ° during 3 in 4 seconds) are not going to destroy the growth factors which are going to attack our liver, our pancreas, our muscles… Our grandmothers boiled milk until obtain a cream and it eliminated these growth factors.

So, stuff ourselves with dairy products means stuffing ourselves with growth hormones unsuitable for our body. Moreover, the new treatments in cancer research use therapies targeted on the tumoral tissue, the anti-angiogenics, in other words the anti-growth factors.

In conclusion, it is necessary to stop overusing dairy products, which are not adapted to our digestive system, in particular cow’s milk. It is better to favor milk of small animals (goat, ewe) in small quantity.

Nawale Harchaoui, Psychopedagogist and Psychomotor Therapist, Belgium.


Vialard, Dominique. «  Alimentation : les conseils du Pr Joyeux ». Février 2014.

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