It has been five years since I have been using my cat “Princesse” (say it with a French accent) as element of therapy. She is nice little one Siamese. The Siameses are known for their almost human character. Furthermore, as she is a female, Princesse is very stuck on me. We are inseparable…. All my pupils know that I love this cat.

Moreover, my pupil Marie who is dyslexic painted me the board ” Pricesse “(without “n”) posted on my profile. My pupil Sofia which has a disorder of  attention drew me ” Princess in all her states “. (The drawing set several hours and is also shown on my profile). The drawing is a help to concentration.

In spite of her dyslexia, Marie is also writing me an attractive story of Princesses and cats. On every meeting, I correct a chapter.

Princesse also has this calming effect on children. She puts herself on their knees and a few minutes later, they become quiet… Animals help children that they are autistic or not. And we know to what extent children with autism can show themselves anxious or have phases of melting down.

It is what is wonderful in education, creativity has no limits…. And it corresponds to me completely.

It is necessary to love children and to understand their needs. And let me say to yourselves that life is beautiful among children (with or without handicaps).

Nawale Harchaoui, Psychopedagogist and Psychomotor Therapist, Belgium.


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