To speak to you about education, I need at first to speak to you about me.

When I was a child, I was curious about everything. I did not change a lot. I liked puzzles, legos, philosophic questions, … When I was adolescent, I wanted to go on stage, to do modern jazz, improvisation. Then, I wanted to live in England, visited Latin America, … I am curious by nature. I like learning and I like making people learn.

As for my work with children, it is not a simple work to put knowledges into thier heads. It is much more than it. I am training future citizens. I give them their value and I make them appreciate their value. And especially, I bring them on an unpublished way, that of the self-fulfilment with my good sense of humor… even if sometimes, I am the only one to laugh at my jokes, they laugh at my madness.

I had pupils with disorders of learning which managed to obtain their diploma from primary school while for them, studying asks a great deal of efforts. And now, they dream about a career, to travel, to learn languages, …

I had kids with high potentiality who were bored in class in the point to develop a depressive state. I enjoyed teaching them farther that the basic reasoning. They need to see a concept in all its states.

I had pupils at the edge of abandonning school, of which the mother called me to tell me: ” My daughter falls asleep with her sheets in her bed. She has never made it.”

I had pupils dyslexics who wrote me stories without I had asked them while words are difficult for them.

I had pupils who left living in England to live a British experience as mine.

I had several pupils who studied in higher education because I told them: ” I believe in you. You are capable “.

I had autistic pupils to whom I taught the exchange in the non-verbal communication, songs, games of imitation, …

For me, teaching is a universe where passion and love reign. It is necessary to love people to arrive there. It is necessary to respect the child and to trust him/her.

Learning is funny and makes them the hero of their own life.

There is only you who can defeat you. But the worst is not the failure. The worst is the regret,….having a life without risks and without challenges.

Learning is challenging yourself to become the best version of yourself. It is travelling beyond your trust zone.

I wish that all the children of the world can make this journey, to force doors if necessary and to think outside the box because life is too short to be mediocre.

To my children, my pupils, with my love.


Nawale Harchaoui,

Psychopedagogist, psychomotor therapist and international social entrepreneur.


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